About Us

What is blockseek?

Blockseek is a crypto blockchain explorer hosting platform, where people can explorer their blocks, transactions, address, and more info.

Why choose blockseek in the first place?

Blockseek is providing an excellent user-friendly interface and offers more depth information in your blockchain and has more unique features like mentioned below.

Blockseek Features

Multi Language Support

We support 103 languages to browse the website in your native language.

Multi Currency Support

You can check your transaction and balance values with 55 Supported FIAT currencies.

Coin Blocks Navigation

You can navigate to all blocks from block Zero to the current block height.

Easy Navigation

Page navigation supported on both places of top and bottom, which makes it easy to navigate without scrolling the page.

Mobile Friendly Interface

We provide a mobile-friendly user interface for those who use mobile without compromising any details.

Light & Dark Theme

Blockseek supports dark and light theme mode, where users can stay on the website for a long time without eye strain.

24 hour statstics

Users can view 24 hours statstics like No. of Blocks, No. of Transactions, Total Sent, Total Received, Avg Block Time, Tx Per Second (TPS) also users can view all statistics in chart format.

Easy to Track Transactions

Easy to track the source transaction of input and output through (SPENT TO and SPENT FROM button).

Easy Search

Search box for transaction input and output to search address from the long address list.

More Detailed Information

We provide more information like the Peer list, Rich list, and Masternode list.

API Support

We provide good API options to fetch details about any coin supported in blockseek, which is free to use.

Broadcast Transaction

Blockseek supports transaction broadcast, where users can broadcast their raw transaction of signed-hex.

Email Alert

We provide email confirmation alert, where users will receive alert mail when the transaction reaches the target confirmation they required.

Low Hosting Fees

Blockseek provides low hosting fees for any coin, for more details contact support.

Realtime Updates

All the information like new block height, market price, transaction confirmation, and details is updated in real-time.

Secure Support System

A built-in secure support system to provide better assistance and to avoid mail phishing.


Blockseek provides highly customizable widgets , that any user can use and show coin specific information in theie websites.


Blockseek provides tools functionality , by using it user can view data like top address, top blocks, top transactions, top mining etc.

Address Claim

Blockseek provides address claim feature where users can claim their address and display their name and link.

Miner Extraction

Blockseek extracts miner information for each block that you can find in the tools section, also users can see the aggregated miner information in chart and table format.